1. Camerasp2 An updated version of Camerasp that uses a different web server.
  2. tiny_nn_json A project to build a Neural Network (CNN and FFN) from JSON Input
  3. Camerasp Convert Raspberry Pi into a web camera using C++
  4. AsioFileCopy Windows specific application that demonstrates the use of Asio random access handles in a file copy application.
  5. Knights C++ solution to the knights problem
  6. MthCombination Compute Mth Combination
  7. BrainVitaWPF A .NET / C# & WPF project to make a GUI for BrainVita.
  8. QtBVita The BrainVita game in QT
  9. BVitaCpp Program to compute a solution to the BrainVita game written in C++
  10. WienerFilter Using OpenCV
  11. IOCP_FileCopy Threadpool based on IO Completion port to perform fast copy
  12. Sudoku C++ Sudoku Solver
  13. BrainVitaFS Brain Vita solver in F#
  14. WaterBucket C++ solution to the Water Buckets Problem

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