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Machine Learning with C++ MLPack on Windows

In this blog I cover how to install MLPack on Windows using C++. While this not difficult, you could easily go on a wild goose chase if you do not chant the incantations for Cmake in the proper fashion. I … Continue reading

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Knuth’s Algorithm for Master Mind

Wikipedia gives a description of Knuth’s Mastermind solver which I think could do with some refinement. Here is how I would describe the algorithm: Create the set S of 1296 guesses: 1111,1112,.., 6666. Start with initial guess 1122 (See Note … Continue reading

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Unit Testing With Boost in Visual Studio

The Problem There are many Unit Testing Frameworks (UTF) for C++. Wikipedia list over 50 of them. Not all of them are created equal. CPPUnit is one of the oldest and is still popular. Google Test has a strong brand … Continue reading

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