MOOC: Statistical Learning: with Applications in R

The current session of Statistical Learning MOOC (herein referred to as ISLR) from Stanford University is coming to a close soon (April 2015). The course is based on material from “An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R” . Check out their promo video if you are interested in more details. Here let me detail my experience.

The course provides a good feel for various concepts without going into mathematical depth. For example, the course talks about what Support Vector Machines are but does not go into details of how it is actually computed. As regards Principal Component Analysis, Singular Value Decomposition is barely mentioned. Still I gained a much better understanding of what the principle components mean in physical terms. (Admittedly that is a rather fuzzy comment that I am unable to make better)

It covers similar ground as the Coursera course on “Machine Learning.” They are both good courses. While the Coursera version is aimed at computer scientists developing machine learning applications this course is from the perspective of data analysis as used in applications like medical research, public policy, sales and marketing, etc.


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