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IO Completion Port

(A thread pool based on completion ports as well as a file copy application is available here) Having worked in a few places which did a significant amount of IO such as files, sockets and devices I was surprised that … Continue reading

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Master Mind Solver

Knuth [1] describes Master Mind as follows In this game one player (the “codemaker”) conceals a four-symbol code, and the other player (the “codebreaker”) tries to identify all four symbols by trying appropriate test patterns. There are six symbols, represented … Continue reading

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WPF Animation without XAML

Now why would anyone want to do WPF animation without XAML? In my case I started writing in F# and could not data-bind F# types to XAML. Eventually it turned out that converting F# code to C# was easier. But … Continue reading

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Sudoku Solver

This will really be the last time I will look at depth first game trees. I could not resist modifying my old sudoku solver to the template I had proposed earlier

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Depth First Game Trees

Having spent too much time writing search trees for solving puzzles I will now put an end to it by describing a template for the purpose. Any puzzle consists of a start state and a goal state and a set … Continue reading

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“Water buckets” Problem

In Solving “Water buckets” Problem Using Scala  Biju Kunjummen presented a Scala program to solve this puzzle: You have a 12-gallon bucket, an 8-gallon bucket and a 5-gallon bucket. The 12-gallon bucket is full of water and the other two … Continue reading

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