WPF Revision Questions: Brushes


  • What is alpha w.r.t. a color?
  • What is sRGB?
  • What is scRGB?
  • How are sRGB and scRGB related
  • (Hardware) What is the equation governing the relation between the voltage and intensity for a CRT? What is gamma? What is its default value for sRGB?
  • Brush is an abstract object? List the class hierarchy from Object to Brush?
  • Name three immediate descendants of Brush (Hint: Radient, Solid, Tile)
  • What is a Freezable object?
  • ** When is an unfrozen object required?
  • What are the three main types of brushes?
  • How would set a brush to solid color of black?
  • Why would you Clone a SolidColorCrush returned from the Brushes object?
  • What is the SystemColors object?
  • What is the SystemColorBrush?
  • Why would you use one over the other?
  • What are gradient brushes?
  • In a RadialGradientBrush, distinguish between GradientOrigin and Center.

About The Sunday Programmer

Joe is an experienced C++/C# developer on Windows. Currently looking out for an opening in C/C++ on Windows or Linux.
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